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By | May 11, 2019

The can be taken as the Default IP Address of the router in the Local Area Network (LAN). This IP Address will help the user to access the admin panel of the router. The user will have to access the admin panel of the router using this IP Address along with the admin username & password. From there. the user will be able to maintain various functions of the router easily. Here we will discuss the procedure for Admin Login. So the user must check the details of the procedure to access the admin panel of the router. Admin Login

If the user wants to access the admin panel of the router then the user must have Default Router IP, Admin Password & Admin Username. The user will be able to access the admin panel if these 3 details are available. The user will need to follow the procedure details as given below to access the admin panel.

  • Plugin the router in power source.
  • Connect the device with router using WIFI or LAN Cable.
  • Open Browser in the device.
  • Search for in the search bar.
  • Now the Admin Login Screen will open.
  • Here, the user will have to fill the Admin username & password details. Admin Login

  • Now the Admin panel of the router will open.

What we can do with Admin Login?

The user can do the following operation if the user has managed for Admin Login.

  • Internet Connection Setup.
  • DNS setup.
  • DHCP/PPPOE Setup.
  • QoS.
  • L2TP.
  • Parental Setup.
  • Wifi Connection setup.

These are some of the operations that are accessible from the admin panel of the router. If the user has any doubt then feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to them with the solution of their doubts.

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