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The term signifies an IP Address here (IPv4 IP). This IP Address can be the Default Gateway or Default IP Address of the router in a Home or Local Area Network (LAN). The manufacturers like Linksys & other brands use as the access point or Default Gateway of the router. Users can use this IP Address as Default Router IP Address to access the admin panel of the router. Here we will discuss everything about this IP Address in this article in detail.

How a Device acquires this IP?

When a device gets connected within a local network then it will be assigned as an IP Address. This IP Address will be assigned by the router of the local area network. Now this router will assign this IP Address to the device in 2 ways. Those ways will affect the type of address.

  • If the device will get this IP with the use of DHCP model then it will be a Dynamic IP Address.
  • If the adminsitrator will manually assign this IP to the device then it will be a Static IP Address.

What is the use of

The IP Address is the Default Gateway or Access point for routers of manufacturers like Linksys etc. The user can access the Admin Login of the router. From where the user can access settings of the routers. Some of the router settings that can be accessed via the admin login are as follows.

These settings can be accessed with the help of the admin panel.

Router Brands using as Default IP Address

There are many manufacturers which use the as the Default IP Address. Here is a list of the router brands which use the IP Address as default address is as follows.

  • Motorola.
  • 2 Wire.
  • NetComm.
  • Linksys.
  • Dlink.

These routers use the IP Address given above as the Default IP Address. Thus the users can use this to log in to the admin panel of the router. Admin Login

The user can access the Admin panel of the router by using the Login credentials. They will have to follow a simple procedure to access the admin panel is as follows.

  • Connect the device with the Wifi network of the router.
  • Open any browser in the device.
  • From search bar, search for or http//:
  • The router Admin Login screen will now open. If the sceen doesn’t opens, then the user must check Admin Login Error.
  • Now fill the Login Credentials & hit Enter.

  • Now the user can access various settings of the router. Admin Login

Why the Admin Login credentials needed?

The Login credentials will be the main requirement for the Admin login. These credentials will act as the security check while accessing the admin panel of the router. If the user will have the accurate login details then the user can easily access the admin panel. Therefore the users must have the details of the Login details to access the Admin panel of the router.

How to assign IP Address manually?

Can’t Access Login Screen

If the user finds that the Login Screen is not opening then the user must follow some corrective measures as given below.

  • Check that the device is connected with the wifi network of the router.
  • Make sure that the is the Default Gateway of the router.
  • Check whether any firewall is not blocking the access to admin login.
  • User must have the correct Login Credentials.
  • Use HTTP//: instead of HTTPS//: while searching for IP Address in the search bar.
  • If the user is still not able to access the Admin panel with login credentials then the user must reset the router settings to default. Check Not Able to Access


This procedure will help the users to encounter the login error situation easily. They can also check the described procedure from the link as given above.

Forgot Admin Username and Password

Ways to Find Default Gateway of Router

If the user is not sure that the IP Address as given above is default gateway of the router then the user can find out the default gateway details with a simple procedure. This procedure will vary according to the operating system of the device. Some of the devices that can be used to find the default gateway are as follows.

These links will redirect the user to the page which will have the various details of the procedure to get default gateway of the router. So the user can follow these links. The users can contact us through the comments section if they have to check more details of the IP Address.

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