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Restore Router Backup

Router A router is a device which is known as the most important part of a local area network. This is a device which acts as the default gateway for the various devices on the network to provide internet connectivity. It is also responsible for the distribution of the IP Addresses to the devices in a local network.… Read More »

How to get Router Backup?

What is a Router? In a Local area network, a router is the most important component. The router serves all the important functions in the local network. Without having a router, we will not be able to connect with the internet by using our devices in LAN. The router serves as the Default Gateway in a network. It… Read More »

IP Address Conflict

What is an IP Address? Every device which is connected with the internet has an address which is used by the device to communicate with the internet. This is also called the Internet Protocol Address. The IP Address serves various functions in the local network. It also acts as the Default Gateway ( in the Local Area Network.… Read More »

How to Remove IP Address Conflict?

What is an IP Address Conflict? An IP Address Conflict can be understood as the condition when two or more devices in a local network acquire the same IP ( This can lead to an interruption in the internet connectivity for the devices. The devices will face difficulty to connect with the network or have internet connectivity to… Read More »

How to assign IP Address manually?

IP Address The Term IP Address can be described as the address of a device which is used by the device to communicate with the internet. This address is the most important thing if the device wants to connect with the internet. The IP Address ( can be classified according to their protocol version, the method of assigning… Read More »

Resetting Router Defaults

Resetting Router Defaults When we talk of a local network then the router is the first thing which comes to our mind. This is a device which provides the internet connection to the users connected with it in the local network. This also provides the IP Addresses to the devices in a local network. The router also comes… Read More »


L2TP There are various protocols which are working in the world of networking. Some protocols serve the security features whereas others serve the performance features. Just like other protocols, L2TP is also a protocol of the networking world. This protocol stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol. This type of protocol is used by the Internet Services provider, especially… Read More »


PPPoE The term PPPoE is a very popular term in the world of networking. This term signifies a protocol which is known as Point-to-Point Protocol over Ethernet. As the name explains this is a protocol where PPP frames are encapsulated over the Ethernet frames to provide a better internet service to the user. Nowadays, most of the DSL… Read More »


QoS The term QoS stands for Quality of Service. It is known as the ability or quality of the network to attain maximum level of bandwidth and to deal with other network parameters like latency, jitter, error rate, uptime etc. In other words, we can say that the Quality of Service includes the controlling & management of data… Read More »


DHCP As we know that every device connected with the internet needs an IP Address. This IP Address will be available to the device through some protocol. To assign an IP Address to the device there are various protocols. The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is also a protocol which is helpful for the quick, central & automatic… Read More »