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Static vs Dynamic IP Address

Static vs Dynamic IP Address Every day we use the internet in our devices. These devices use IP Addresses ( to communicate with the internet. Every device acquires the IP Address from the Internet Service Provider or from the router if the device is in a local area network. These service providers offer IP Addresses to the devices… Read More »

Static IP Address

Static IP Address A Static IP Address is a type of IP Address which remains fixed. This type of IP Address is manually assigned by the network administrator to any device on the network. This totally different from the Dynamic IP Address where the IP Address keeps changing. The devices like PC, Mobile & routers can be configured… Read More »

Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic IP Address Every device which is connected with the internet uses an IP Address. The IP Address (Say serves as the internet address of the device which it uses to send or receive information from the internet. There are various types of IP Addresses. One of them is the Dynamic IP Address. A simple definition of… Read More »

IP Address

IP Address An IP address is the most important thing which is required to communicate with the internet. This is called as the internet address of any device say IP. It is just like your home address. For example, if you ever get a letter it will be delivered to your address only. In the same way,… Read More »