Dynamic IP Address

By | March 28, 2019

Dynamic IP Address

Every device which is connected with the internet uses an IP Address. The IP Address (Say serves as the internet address of the device which it uses to send or receive information from the internet. There are various types of IP Addresses. One of them is the Dynamic IP Address. A simple definition of this IP Address is given below.

A Dynamic IP Address is a type of IP Address which is not permanent. It will keep changing as it is available to the device on a lease. This IP Address is allocated to the devices through the DHCP model.

It is a simple definition of this IP Address. We know that the definition as given above is not technically correct but it will clear the image of this IP Address to the users.

Dynamic IP Address

How a Device gets Dynamic IP?

When a device tries to connect with the internet then it gets an IP Address. This IP Address will either be provided by the Internet Services Provider or by the router in a local network. If the device or the router supports the DHCP configuration then the device will get the Dynamic IP Address. Many Internet Services Providers also uses DHCP model to provide IP Addresses.

Default IP Address

Advantages of Dynamic IP Address

Dynamic IP Addresses have various advantages. Some of the advantages are depicted below. So the users must check these details.

  • It reduces the chances of IP Address Conflict.
  • This IP Address also helps to minimise the Spam Attacks.
  • It also helps to have IP Addresses in the reserve pool.

There are various other advantages of this IP Address. We will also provide those updates later. Thus the users can follow us to get these details. They can also leave a comment below to ask any question in relation to the topic.

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