Find Default Router IP Address in MAC

By | May 15, 2019

Default Router IP Address

Every router in a local network has its own default router IP Address. This IP Address is either assigned by the manufacturer or by the admin as per the instructions of IANA authority. Here the can also be the default router IP Address. This IP Address falls in the range of the Private IP Addresses as confirmed by the IANA authority. This IP address can be used by the admin to access the admin panel of the router. If the user is using the MAC operating system device then the user can find the default IP of the router easily. Here we will talk about the details to Find Default Router IP Address in MAC.

Find Default Router IP Address in MAC

The Mac Operating system enabled devices can also be used by the user to get the Default IP address of the router in a local network. For this operation, the user will need to follow a set of simple steps. So the user must carefully check the procedure as given below to get the Default router IP in the MAC device.

  • Connect the MAC device with the Wifi or ethernet cable.
  • Now Open the terminal or command line.
  • Type “netsat -nr | grep default” command.

Find Default Router IP Address in MAC

  • Hit the Enter Button.
  • The details of the Default Router IP or Default Gateway will be on the screen.

Use of Default Router IP Address

The Default Router IP Address can be used for the router admin login (Say Admin Login

) using the Default username & password. From the admin panel, the admin can manage various aspects of the router & internet connection. If the users still have doubts then they must leave a comment below. We will get back to them as soon as possible with the answers to their queries.

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