Find Default Router IP in Windows

By | May 15, 2019

Default Router IP Address

The term Default Router IP Signifies the IP Address (say of the router which is [provided by the ISP to the router. The Default Router IP can also be defined as the IP Address which can be used to access the admin panel of the router. here we will discuss the details of the procedure to get the default router IP using the windows device. So the user must check the details of Find Default Router IP in Windows as given below.

Find Default Router IP in Windows

The windows devices user can find out the Default IP Address of the router by following a simple procedure. The windows devices which can be used to get details of Default Router IP are as follows.

  • Windows Mobile/Tablet.
  • Windows PC/laptop.

The procedure will depend on the device type. Thus check the procedure details as given in the article.

Find Default IP in Windows Mobile/Tablet

The user can also find the default gateway details from the windows mobile & tablet. They will have to follow the procedure to get the Default IP in Windows Mobile/Tablet which is as follows.

  • Open Settings menu.
  • Click on Network & Connectivity.
  • Open Wifi menu.
  • Tap on wifi connection currently active on device.
  • Open advanced details.
  • The Default Router IP or Default gateway details will be on screen.

Find Default Router IP in Windows PC/Laptop

The user can use the command prompt in the Windows PC & laptop to get the Default Router IP details. The procedure is as follows.

  • Open Command prompt in device. The user can also open command prompt by using the run command or directly press windows + R.
  • Type “ipconfig”.

Find Default Router IP in Windows

  • Hit Enter.
  • The Default IP Address will be on screen.

This procedure can help the user to get the Default router IP details easily. The user can also leave a comment below to know more. If they have any doubt in the details then they can ask us for the solution.

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