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Everyday we use the internet connection on our devices. All these devices use IP Addresses to communicate with the Internet. These devices use various types of IP Addresses to communicate with the internet. The IP Addresses are classified on the basis of various principles. These are classified on the basis of the type, use & the protocol version. On the basis of the protocol version, the IPv4 is the 4th protocol version IP Address ( This protocol is managed by the IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority). According to the definition, the 4th protocol version has 32 bits size of IP Addresses. here we will discuss this protocol version IP in brief. So the users must follow the article.


Use of  4th Version Protocol IP Address

This version of IP Addresses contains 32 bits address block which has 4 octets. These octects contain 8 bits each. The 4th version protocol IP Addresses have various applications. here we will discuss the details of the use of these IPs. The classification & use of these IPs is as follows.

Special 4th version protocol IPs & uses

Address block Address range Number of addresses Scope– 16777216 Software– 16777216 Private network– 4194304 Private network– 16777216 Host– 65536 Subnet– 1048576 Private network– 256 Private network– 256 Documentation– 256 Internet– 65536 Private network– 131072 Private network– 256 Documentation– 256 Documentation– 268435456 Internet– 268435456 Internet

Reserved for Private IP Address Range

Name Address range Number of addresses Classful description
24-bit block – 16777216 Single Class A.
20-bit block – 1048576 Contiguous range of 16 Class B blocks.
16-bit block – 65536 Contiguous range of 256 Class C blocks.

Classes of IPv4 Addresses

  1. Class A: Generally used in Large area networks where devices are large in number.
  2. Class B: Used in Medium load networks.
  3. Class C: Used in small scale networks.
  4. Class D: Generally used for the purpose of multicasting.
  5. Class E: Reserved for Experimental purposes.

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