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There are various protocols which are working in the world of networking. Some protocols serve the security features whereas others serve the performance features. Just like other protocols, L2TP is also a protocol of the networking world. This protocol stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol.


This type of protocol is used by the Internet Services provider, especially for their individual subscribers. Many big companies also use this protocol to set up their own Virtual Private Network (VPN). Here we will discuss the details of the protocol. So you must check the article to get these details.

Why Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol is Used?

There are various reasons for using this protocol by the Internet Service Providers. These reasons depend on various factors. Thus some of the most important reasons to use this protocol are as follows.

  • It fits in the budget of the customer.
  • Provides effecient connectivity standard to the interent.
  • Uses the safest encryption formula to keep information safe.
  • Helps in keeping the critical app data safely.
  • This protocol is reliably fast then other networking protocols.
  • It also uses the safest VPN authorization Policy.
  • This protocol is useful in the Corporate sectors.

These are some of the reasons why it is used widely in the networking world.

How we can enable L2TP?

The procedure to enable L2TP is very simple. The admin can easily enable this protocol in the local network. Admin can also use the procedure as given below to enable this protocol.

  • Open the browser in the device which is connected with the router network.
  • Now type the Default router IP in teh search bar (Say & press enter.
  • Fill the login details.
  • Now go to Internet Connection Setup.
  • Click on Layer 2 Tunnelling Protocol.
  • Click on enable & save.

Using this procedure, this protocol can easily be enabled by the user.

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