Not Able to Access

By | May 11, 2019

Here the termĀ refers to the Default IP Address of the router. This IP Address can be used by the admin to access the admin panel of the router in a local network. The user will have to access the admin panel using this IP Address along with the username & password. From the admin panel, the user will be able to manage various properties or the settings of the router. Sometimes, the user faces an issue to open the admin login screen. They get the error screen stating “this site can’t be reached”. Here we will discuss how to overcome the situation of Not Able to Access

Not Able to Access (Possible Reasons)

Whenever the user gets the error to access the admin login screen there are various reasons for it. Some of the reasons are listed below.

Not Able to Access

  • Device is not connected with the router network.
  • Network Connection not active.
  • Default Router IP Address is not Correctly spelt.
  • Firewall or proxy of device is blocking this URL.

These reasons can be the possible causes for the admin login error. Thus the users must check the various aspects to resolve the situation of the admin login error. They can also ask us questions if they have doubt.

Forgot Admin Username and Password

What is the Solution for this?

The user can overcome this situation easily. The user will have to follow some steps as given below to access the admin login page.

  • make sure that the router is plugged in power source.
  • Check whether the device is connected with the network of router.
  • Check that the Default router IP is correctly spelt. If not try using http//:
  • Disable the antivrus program or firewall if any on the system.

By following these simple steps, the users can overcome these situations. They can also comment below if they have any doubt in the details.

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