Static IP Address

By | March 31, 2019

Static IP Address

A Static IP Address is a type of IP Address which remains fixed. This type of IP Address is manually assigned by the network administrator to any device on the network. This totally different from the Dynamic IP Address where the IP Address keeps changing.

Static IP Address

The devices like PC, Mobile & routers can be configured by the network administrator to use a Static IP Address. This can also be done by the network administrator by manually typing the IP Address for the various devices on the network through the admin panel of the router. Further, we can also classify this type of IP Address as a Fixed IP Address or Dedicated IP Address.

Why we use a Static IP Address?

When we are in a local network we also have some devices like printers, data servers etc in the network. If these devices or pieces of networks will not have a fixed IP then the connection with these devices will be difficult. The fixed IP is also useful if we have to host a website. This type of IP is also useful in remote access programs. So we can say that the Dedicated IP Addresses are very useful.

Disadvantages of Using Fixed IP Address

If we use the Fixed IP Address in the network then there are various disadvantages. Some of the common disadvantages of using Fixed IP Addresses are as follows.

  • It can lead to cyber attacks.
  • The network administrator will have to assign the IP Address to every device in the network manually.
  • The Fixed IP Address can also cause IP Address Conflict in the network.

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